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Kitty Anne Creative & Burlington Coffee

We are ecstatic to announce our cool collaboration with Kitty Cisler of Kitty Anne Creative!!

Kitty is a professional photographer, painter, multimedia artist, photo studio manager, and just all around creator of beautiful things. She's also a Burlington resident that loves coffee, charcuterie, and her amazing family. 

You may have seen her work work displayed recently in an art show called "Cover Story", sponsored by Gather and Give, at The Loop Commons, where Kitty highlighted God's cool creations through acrylic landscapes; Or you may have seen her beautiful display of OTHER peoples' photography at Loop Day's Juried Photography Art Show on June 4th, where she coordinated the photography of over 40 photographers, and turned it into a beautiful display for everyone at Loop Day to appreciate; Or you may have met her when she introduced you to your rental space at Studio A at the Loop Commons; Or maybe you saw her pursuing the cured meat department at Gooseberries; But whether you know her or not, she is an artistic force to be reckoned with, and she is making Burlington a more beautiful place with every photo and brushstroke she takes. 

So, naturally we asked Kitty to collaborate with us on a project that fuses her beautiful art and something we think is beautiful as well, coffee, to give you all a chance to have some of the most delicious, and most beautiful things in your houses that Burlington is producing to remind you of the beauty of the life around you. And she said YES!

(And she delivered big!) (...we sure hope our coffee stacks up!!)

So check these little pieces of beauty out, and enjoy this VERY limited release of custom artwork by Kitty Anne Creative. There are 6 pieces to chose from, each unique and beautiful, for you to take home with your next coffee order. Don't miss out- these are cool, unique, and a one time deal- just add them to your next local pickup at The Loop Commons.

Stay cool Burlington, and a big thank you to people like our friend Kitty Cisler for making Burlington a place worth visiting.